Paul Frank


Welcome to the new image of Paul Frank

the New “Paul Frank” brand is structured to includethree new brand propositions with fresh, individual stories that will reposition the brand to increase its appeal and extend its reach to connect with new consumer audiences: Paul Frank Original, Paul Frank Sport & Paul Franck X.

I joined the team for the 2019 launch and help create cohesive collection for Paul Frank Sport and Paul Frank X based on the new tone of the brand.

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“Paul Frank X” is a completely new proposition for the “Paul Frank” brand.
Targeted at a notoriously difficult but very influential and super-connected new audience, “Paul Frank X” will tap into Chinese youth and sub-culture, hip-hop and skate communities.

“Paul Frank Sport” introduces a dedicated “Paul Frank” sportwear line into the market. 
The “Paul Frank Sport” collection takes  a fresh, modern approach  to the Paul Frank brand, extending the reach of the casualwear collection to include visually impactful, fashion-sportswear and activewear ranges that are both functional and more aggressively branded.